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Kids film course

We pay respect to the Traditional Custodians and First Peoples of NSW, and acknowledge their continued connection to their country and culture.

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Newly Released Smartphone Filming Course for Kids & Adults.

In supporting the local community, we’ve created a new series of online courses to be released each fortnight with the first being our new ‘Mobile Phone Film Course’.

Designed and created to teach all ages from 7 years onwards. You’ll gain basic knowledge about creating better content using your phone or tablet device.

Enhanced Practical Experience!

Learn skills that transfer to the workplace in 5 short days.

Taking a video production course at Learn to Film will help you gain that edge in creating better content, finding inspiration and collaborating with a lifetime support network.

You will develop the skills to plan, shoot, edit and deliver your very own video content upon completion of our courses.

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3 Day Film Making Course | Professional Video Production

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    Who’s Learn to Film for?


    Transfer your photography skills to video, understand the video production process, workflow & equipment requirements.

    Small Business Owners

    Wanting to create your own videos but have a small budget and would prefer not to hire a videographer?

    Film Students

    Wanting to get into the workforce post university, and are looking to really sharpen their skills

    Mrkt, HR or PR Team

    Teams & internal staff looking to make their video production more seamless, consistent & professionally.


    Keen to start a vlog? Learn how to gain views, subscribers & achieve better visuals through structure & storytelling. 


    Anyone with a love for film, but no time to go to film school full time & would prefer real practical onset experiences.


    Helping you go pro sooner. With payment options for all budgets.

    T&C’s Apply. Minimum Spend is $999 for any payment plan option.

    Payment Option 1

    Pay 10% deposit and monthly instalments each month for 6 months interest free.*

    Payment  Option 2

    Pay a 30% deposit upfront and nothing else to pay for 6 months after the last day of your course.*

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    Learn to Film | Filmmaking Short Courses | Best Film School in Australia

    20% Discount on all camera equipment rentals

    We’ve partnered up with the largest camera gear hire stores nationally to get you putting to practice what you’ve learnt sooner!

    video production course | videography course | sydney | melbourne | filmmaking

    If you're not satisfied, we're not satisfied.

    That’s why we’ll happily refund your course fee if you don’t find any value from what you’ve learnt with us.

    *Terms & Conditions Apply.
    video production course | videography course | sydney | melbourne | filmmaking

    Free Music, SFX, LUTs & Practice Footage

    Enjoy practice footage downloads to edit, sound effects, example scripts, release forms and many more useful downloads.

    Applicable to all offline courses taken with Learn to Film only.


    Collaborating years of experience from the most successful Australian production companies, you’ll get to experience first hand working on real productions with a crew that makes a living in Film.

    Our instructors are not just course lecturers, they’re skilled and successful professionals working on productions most teachers will never be able to pass on knowledge from.

    With a wide range of access to different production gear, you’ll get a hands on experience on all production fronts from director to editor.


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    Our Courses

    Smartphone Filming Masterclass

    If you own a phone, and you want to create better video then this COURSE IS FOR YOU! This...


    Learn To Film For Kids

    Learn the basics of video production, from conception to completion, in a 4.5 hour class. With...


    Beginners Guide to Video Production - ONLINE COURSE

    This is an entry level fundamentals workshop in to video production for those that are starting...


    3 Day Video Production Course - Beginners

    Learn video production and filmmaking practical fundamentals in 3 days. Camera operating,...

    3 days

    5 Week Filmmaking Course

    The 5-week filmmaking course is a comprehensive program that delves into some of the key areas...


    9 Week Job Ready Filmmaking Course

    This course brings together all of the components of our 5-week Filmmakers Course into a...

    1 week, 2 days

    Drone: Learn to Fly & Film

    Are you a camera operator or videographer who is yearning for a unique angle from which to...


    Livestreaming Masterclass

    What you'll learn in the Livestreaming Masterclass How to stream and record videos ...

    6 hours

    Learn How To Podcast and Broadcast

    Have you ever wanted to host your own podcast but have no idea how to go about it? Or, do...

    6 hours

    Social Media Video Content Creation

    Are you struggling to create social media content that engages your audience and drives...

    6 hours

    Advanced Editing

    Attention video editors! Do you feel like you're ready to take your non-linear editing...

    6 hours

    Video Editing Basics

    Do your video editing skills fall way short of where you want them to be? Are you struggling...


    Vlogging Course for Beginners

    Learn what camera you'll need, all about performance, lighting and take a behind the scenes...

    8 hours

    Composition and Filming Techniques

    Do you have a passion for film and video production, but don't know where to start? Are you...

    6 hours

    Executive Media Training

    Transfer your confidence in your professional life to a powerful and charismatic presence on...


    Video Producer Course

    The Video Producer Course is all about the typical tasks and responsibilities a video producer...

    6 hours

    Lighting and Audio

    Attention content creators! Do you want to take your video projects to the next level with...

    6 hours

    Pre-Production Scriptwriting & Storyboarding

    Have you ever wanted to write a video script or screenplay? Draw up a storyboard to better...

    6 hours

    Camera Training

    Have you ever wanted to shoot a short content piece, corporate video, short or even...

    6 hours

    Learn to Film Real Estate Videos

    If you have ever wanted to break into the real estate market, this is the course for you....


    Camera Training & Lighting Night Classes

    What you'll learn in the weekly Camera Training & Lighting Night Classes Learn how to...


    Social Media Video Content Creation Night Classes

    What you'll learn in the weekly Social Media Content Creation Night Classes Develop...


    Video Editing & Post Production Night Classes

    What you'll learn in the weekly Video Editing & Post Production Night Classes Organise...

    60 minutes

    Scriptwriting & Storyboarding Night Classes

    What you'll learn in the weekly Pre-Production, Scriptwriting & Storyboarding Night...


    Scale Your Production Company

    Receive one on one tuition from the CEO of Film & Television Agency about everything needed to...

    12 months
    Apply to enroll

    Workplace Digital & Video Training Workshop

    A value-packed 2 and a half days experience aimed at scaling brand growth through professional...

    video production course | videography course | sydney | melbourne | filmmaking

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will these courses give me capability to work in any industry?

    Learn to Film offers a pathway to a significantly established foundation in film making. Once you’ve learnt the courses relevant to your interests you will possess the capability to hit the ground running in any industry you choose to specialise in.

    Will I be able to get a job out of this?

    After completing our 5 or 9 Week Courses, you will meet the industry standard requirements to get you qualified for entry level roles within film making.

    With the additional support from Learn to Film that you receive after completing a course, you will also possess the necessary skills to execute your very own productions.

    What kind of certification can I expect to receive after I've completed the course?

    Upon completion of your course, a certificate will be available for you to download and print.

    Another option is to purchase a certificate from Learn to Film, printed on premium paper, wax-sealed and signed by your educator and our Dean.

    Is there any post graduate support?

    After completing a Learn to Film course you will have access to our website for an entire year where you can receive support from our faculty.

    As a student, are there any perks I can enjoy?

    Besides the wonderful content and support from our educators and support faculty, you will enjoy:

    20% off all future hire equipment & studio use from Dragon Image Australia at all their location around the country. You will be provided a discount hire card and your discount will apply when presented.

    When can I expect this course to pay for itself once I've graduated?

    As soon as you’ve graduated the ‘Making a living with video’ course, you will possess all the business and entrepreneurial knowledge needed to generate cash flow and revenue to your business.

    Alternatively, our 9 Week courses is designed to prepare you to be job ready and able to secure a full time job.

    You’ll gain the skills… it’s simply up to you to practice and polish those skills to perfection.

    Do you offer work placement opportunities on completion of a course?

    Because Learn to Film is backed by a successful Australian production companies, employment opportunities may arise for those who show the the required skill set.

    Feel free to ask your instructor about joining a work placement program.

    Will I be able to study the course content after graduating? If so, then how?

    You will have access to your Learn to Film account for an entire year after course completion. This will allow you to access your course (or courses) and also to receive support from our faculty.

    When can I start the course after paying for it?

    When you book your course, you will have an option to select the date of preference, your start is determined by this.

    Is there a pathway to becoming an instructor?

    Becoming an instructor at Learn to Film requires you to be a functioning and professional employee in the film production industry. After study, should you reach a state where your skills are polished and you can succeed in the world of video production, you will meet the prerequisites for employment.

    Become a pro… and you can help us create many more!

    Do you offer online courses?

    We are currently offering a few online courses and endeavor to release more online courses in the future.

    Our courses, however, are held in our physical locations where you will receive your education from real production staff.

    Are the courses available outside of Sydney?

    Our main branch is located in Sydney, next to the prestigious production company Film & Television Agency; but where any of our franchises are located (nationwide) you will be able to purchase a course, choose your location and begin your education.

    Does Learn to Film provide scholarships?

    Learn to Film does not offer scholarships.

    What we do offer are beginners short courses which can (by other university standards) advance your knowledge by an entire year. Learn to Film is the bridge to becoming a pro.

    Will I have access to a careers advisor?

    While premium career and business advice can be purchased at Learn to Film, business advice specifically is not provided for every course.

    Your instructor will always be your first point of contact for any support you may need 12 months after the end of your course.

    We do however offer mentorship programs to future develop you filmmaking skill into a business skill. Please contact us for more information.

    Am I expected to own certain software products whilst studying?

    Yes, all of our course content revolves around the Adobe Creative Cloud platform. However, you can use other software as the course content uses universal terminologies which standardises our whole course in its entirety.

    Adobe Creative Cloud is available as a trial, so you can download it when you are ready to come in and study.

    Can we earn credits to put towards other courses if we have already completed them?

    While we don’t carry credits over from one course to the other, you will be eligible for discounts on certain course after graduation. In fact, some courses require you to have already completed a course at Learn to Film in order for you to apply.

    What happens if I have enrolled into a course but want to change the date?

    You will need to notify us 14 day before commencement to be eligible to move your course booking to any other available course. You must advise us no later than 14 days prior to the course commencement date.

    In case of an emergency, am I able to defer my study?

    If you inform us of your emergency at least 48 hours prior to commencement, you will be able to book a later date.

    If the emergency happens during study, our support staff will work something out with you on a case by case basis. Our goal is to provide you the education you require and we will ensure that you can receive it.

    What happens if I cancel or miss a booked course date?

    Cancellations should occur at least 14 days prior to the commencement date.

    If you miss a booked class you can talk to our support staff and explain your circumstances. Should it be appropriate to your situation, we will do our best to place you in a later class where you can complete your course.

    If I have already completed study elsewhere, can I have certain units exempt?

    We do not make exemptions based on study at other institutions as all our courses are unique to Learn to Film only.

    Because we are staffed by real working video production professionals, the education and advice we offer differs from other institutions. We encourage our students to absorb all that we offer.

    The course I want to enrol in isn't available at at time suitable for me. What are my options?

    We request you contact us with your preference so that we can try to make your preferred date happen.

    Will you be offering more advanced and specialised courses?

    At the moment Learn to Film are specialising in beginner & intermediate short courses. However, we encourage graduates and prospective students to visit regularly for updates on events, offers and news.

    Expanding our repertoire to advanced courses and specialised courses, including animation, visual effects, music composition, writing etc., is on the immediate horizon.

    Will I need to bring a computer or laptop to my lessons?

    It is highly recommended that you bring a laptop or tablet that will allow you to log in to our website (LMS) learning management system and use it to make notes on our learning platform.

    In short. No, it is not a absolute requirement.

    Although you could bring a laptop to your lessons that provide the capability to run Adobe Premiere Pro if you’re taking up a VFX, Graphics or Video Editing Course.

    All other courses are team activities with gear provided by Learn to Film.

    Generally, 16gb of ram is required for editing in HD. Provided that the video card and CPU aren’t too aged or underpowered, you should be able to follow along with the classes that require a computer.

    It is also recommended that you have the Adobe Creative Cloud software. It is a subscription based software package and includes all the software necessary to produce all media related to video production.

    Should you not want to subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud, you can use their trial period during your study, by simply downloading the software the day before your course commences.

    Here is a good guideline for computer specifications to run Adobe Premiere Pro (editing software)

    CPU: Intel 6th Gen or newer CPU – or AMD equivalent
    Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit) version 1809 or newer, macOS V10.13 or newer
    RAM: 16GB for HD editing, 32GB for 4K editing
    GPU: 4GB of GPU VRAM
    HDD: 8GB of available hard-disk space for installation; additional free space required during installation – requires additional space (128GB SSD minimum recommendation) for media
    Monitor Resolution: 1920×1080 or greater
    Sound Card: ASIO Compatible (Windows), default (Mac)
    Internet: An internet connection is required to activate any of Adobe’s Creative Cloud products.

    Note: for updated minimum hardware requirements, visit the Adobe website.

    Will I be required to buy my own camera gear?

    Camera gear is not needed as we will provide equipment for you to handle and learn on.

    Should you already have a professional (or entry professional) camera, we do encourage that you bring it along if the particular course involves camera handling.

    What is Student Resources?

    Student Resources is an online hub where you can access lesson assets, complimentary resources, lesson review tools with instructors, frequently asked questions, access to grades and access to forums.

    In a nutshell, your central digital space for all things Learn to Film.

    What does the enrolment process consist of?

    When enrolling with Learn to Film, please ensure that you have the following details ready to enrol in a course:

    ● Register as a user
    ● Login
    ● Select Course
    ● Select Course Date
    ● Select Course Location
    ● Purchase Course
    ● Check your email for updates about your purchase

    Are there any pre-requisites for these courses?

    As our courses have been developed to teach you from the ground up, our courses can serve as bridging courses between short workshops in case you ever further progress your career to a recognised university if you require a diploma.

    In short, no.

    Am I required to be an Australian Citizen?

    No. We welcome students from all over the globe.

    What do I need to bring for the courses?

    We highly recommend that you bring a laptop that is suitable for editing as a minimum requirement. The reason behind this is that you will be required to access the student resources and also follow along when practical lessons are running.

    Is there an expected level of relevant film or video production skills and experience I need to have?

    Not at all!

    Our courses are designed for those who have ZERO knowledge and experience in video and film production.

    Do you offer refunds for cancelling enrolments?

    Your payment and or deposit secures your seat in the course you’ve chosen to enrol into. You have up to 14 days to cancel the course you’ve purchased for a full refund without question regardless if you’ve selected to pay in full or selected one of our payment plans.

    As we reserved your seat, by doing so the course on offer can accept 1 (one) less student into the course which has a limited seats and will reduce seat sales for that course.

    We cannot unfortunately offer any refunds after the 14 day refund period from purchase date. Your are required to pay in full the total amount owing from your original purchase date or attend the course you’ve chosen.

    What other payment options are there?

    These are our 3 finance payment options:

    Plan 1 – Pay 10% deposit and monthly instalments each month for 6 months interest free.

    Plan 2 – Pay a 30% deposit upfront only, nothing else to pay for 6 months after the last day of course completion.

    Plan 3 – Pay in full and receive a 15% discount. (This discount is in addition to any other current offer)

    Any of our Pay later (finance) options have a minimum courses spend of $999, you cannot utilise any of our discount offers when taking up any of our payment plans.

    Are there payment plans available?

    Yes these are our 3 finance payment options:

    Plan 1 – Pay 10% deposit and monthly instalments each month for 6 months interest free.

    Plan 2 – Pay a 30% deposit upfront only, nothing else to pay for 6 months after the last day of course completion.

    Plan 3 – Pay in full and receive a 15% discount. (This discount is in addition to any other current offer)

    Do you offer discounts to multiple course enrolments?

    Yes, we offer returning students discounts.

    If you’ve decided for example to take a 3 day short course, finish it and want to further upskill and take the continuation 5 day course, then we will offer you a 50% discount to take the 5 day course. Offer only valid for a continuation course from 3 day to 5 day course.

    This offer cannot be used for any other course, i.e. drone course, vlogging, editing only course etc..

    But as a Learn to Film Alumni, we request you speak to us about taking any new courses where a student advisor will contact you and offer you a returning student discount.

    Referrals - Can I get a discount?

    You can expect a 10% referral discount on your course fees and your friends course fees if your referral enrols.

    We entice you to refer friends and family to join you in your course or even a separate course.

    We have a student rewards program in place to offer referral discounts to students how successfully refer us new students and those students enrol.

    Group or Corporate Bookings/Enrolments

    We offer group discounts for enrolments in blocks of 5 and 10 students.

    A discount of 10% applies if you purchase our 5 student pack.

    A discount of 15% applies if you purchase our 10 student pack.

    Have a question about a course?

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