Enrolment & Admissions Process

Enrolment doesn’t get much easier than this. Learn to Film is not just another film school, the learn to film website itself is and will be your entire learning management system (LMS) platform.

All you need to do is purchase your desired course online, select your course date and voilà, your enrolment is complete.

Our platform handles the rest, it will schedule you into your class and assign you all the modules required for you to complete your course satisfactorily.

Each module will then become visible to you on the day your course instructor is teaching that module in person.

You’ll be able to make notes against those modules and log back into your Learn to Film account anytime to review your notes, exchange notes with your class peers through your private group forum for each course you take and most importantly ask your instructor any question throughout your course through a private portal.


Enrolment / Admission / Course Completion Process:

1 – Purchase Course Online.

2 – Select Course Location & Date.

3 – Turn up to your assigned class.

4 – Log back into the Learn to Film website using your credentials.

5 – The live module that your course instructor will run on that day will be live on your screen.

6 – Complete all modules in person.

7 – Receive course completion certificate immediately through the Learn to Film platform, download and/or print. You’ll also be handed your certificate by the instructor upon course completion.

8 – And you’re done. You’ve now got 12 months access to the Learn to Film ‘Support Network’ to ask us any question along the way of your filmmaking journey to ensure you put your training to good use.

Continuously up-skill yourself and take up any other course that may be suitable to you as you progress in your filmmaking career.

And remember, we offer ONE-ON-ONE personalised monitorship and coaching programs from our best and most successful instructors to ensure you thrive in your business, weekly allocated coaching for 52 weeks to ensure you have someone there by your side to scale your production business if that’s the road you take after you complete one of our courses.

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Upcoming Events


Because Learn to Film is designed and operated by a fully functioning production company, there are a stream of one-off workshops, social events, networking nights and free seminars to take advantage of. Stay informed by checking out our events calendar and gain the most out of your short practical experience at Learn to Film.

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