Learn everything from finding clients, quoting, managing clients and delivering high quality real estate videos from start to finish.

What you’ll learn

  • What types of equipment work better with Real Estate
  • Learn how to calibrate and balance a gimbal setup
  • How to develop your own shot list for Real Estate productions
  • Learn how to capture clean audio from talent on set
  • Understand how to legally use and pilot a drone
  • Understand how Real Estate companies use your content for marketing

Course Bonuses

  • 20% off on all hires from our camera rental partners
  • 1x one-on-one 30 minute session with our CEO on how to make a living from this course
  • We’ll review and comment/support your next 5 videos you create after your course
  • Camera Kit List – Everything you’ll need to get started

Are you tired of showing your clients the same boring listings? Is the price of professional video production beyond your budget yet you’d still like to offer beautiful videos to your product offerings? Then perhaps you need our Shooting Real Estate course.
Learn everything you need to start creating stunning video for your business, from equipment knowhow, shooting principals and drone flying to editing and rendering.
After this course you will not only be able to start producing your very own videos from start to finish, but you will also be able to train and retain your very own in-house video production team.


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What to expect

Day 1: Pre-Production & Filming

  • Welcome to Learn To Film. Before spending the next two days together we will get to know each other a little.
  • First we will explore the different and necessary hardware for your videos, specifically compiled for Real Estate shooting.
  • Next you will learn how to operate all that equipment, from mounting gear and camera settings to lighting and audio gear, including how to fit and operate lapel and usb microphones.
  • After learning shooting fundamentals we will delve into HDR pictures, 360 images and virtual tour software.
  • After lunch we will review our shot list and check out our gear, then we will travel to the location of the property we are going to shoot.
  • Upon arrival we will observe safe practices in setting up our equipment.
  • We will achieve our shots throughout the property using a range of motions and techniques, including 360 and HRD images.
  • Finally we will pack down, return to the class and check our gear in before departing for the night.

Day 2: Editing & Delivery

  • We will start the day with a review of yesterdays performance.
  • Today is about post production. We will start by downloading our assets, including titles, client logo, music selection, voice over script and drone footage.
  • Using Adobe Premiere we will start and edit our project, using examples and teacher support along the way.
  • Select your music and edit the voice over to your video, maintaining good pacing and accompanying footage.
  • We will take some time to work in Adobe Photoshop to edit our images into HDR photos.
  • After that we will take our 360 photos and convert them into a readable and interactive image.
  • Finally we will render our videos and submit them.
  • After the class students are invited to Drinks and canapes in celebration of their efforts.
  • All graduates will be awarded their certificates.


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Course Curriculum

Day 1: Pre Production & Filming
Induction / Welcome Details 00:30:00
Real-estate Film Equipment – MOD0050 Details 00:30:00
Real-Estate Film Equipment – MOD0050 quiz 00:05:00
Shoot your Own Real-Estate Video – MOD0051 Details 02:00:00
Shoot Your Own Real-Estate Video – MOD0051 quiz 00:05:00
Lunch / Break Details 00:45:00
A Real Real Estate Shoot – MOD0056 Details 04:00:00
Day 2: Editing and Delivery
Post Production Basics – MOD0016 Details 01:00:00
Post Production Basics – MOD0016 quiz 00:05:00
Real Estate Post Production – MOD0057 Details 03:00:00
Details 00:00
  • $1,299.00 ex gst
  • 2 days
  • 10 SEATS
  • Course Certificate
  • Wishlist



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