In this course we will take you through some of the best practices for managing your camera media once you’ve completed shooting; we’ll introduce you to the Premiere Pro video editing workspace and how to edit using its many and varied cutting tools; you’ll also discover how to work with large file sizes, learn about grading and colour correction as well as how to output your project when you’ve finished the edit.


  • The whole entire Post-Production Process from start to finish
  • Learn the basics of Adobe Premiere (editing) & After Effects (VFX)
  • Source, find and select the right music tracks for your edit that’ll bring your video to life
  • Understand lumetri basics to polish your videos with great looking colour for the final touches
  • Learn how to apply graphics and titles to your video production, what works and what doesn’t
  • Finalise your video knowing how long it should be and what format to export it in.


Course Bonuses

  • 12 Months access to our support forums
  • 20% off on all hires from our camera rental partners
  • 1x one-on-one 30 minute session with our CEO on how to make a living from this course
  • Practise footage to edit after your course
  • We’ll review and comment/support your next 5 videos you create after your course
  • Camera Kit List – Everything you’ll need to get started

Learn how to edit videos in Adobe Premiere Pro, know exactly what to do once the filming is complete

What happens after the filming is finished and you’re left with a bunch of footage? Learn professional post-production workflows from A to Z including asset management, workflow tips and the finer points of editing so you can complete your very own content.

If you are looking to start your journey as an editor, Post-Production Supervisor or even to manage and edit video content for your business, this is the course for you.
Learn from the pros… become a pro. After this course, you will be ready to expand your repertoire into project management, editing, colour grading, storytelling and more.

This course will not show you how to plan and film a project, but you will know exactly what to do when all the filming is complete.


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What to expect

Day 1: Graphics & Sound

  • Start with a welcome from Learn To Film, where we can get to know the teacher and the students.
  • Day one is dedicated to understanding graphics and sound, and how they work within our video medium.
  • Learn about pixel and vector graphics and how they work.
  • Explore alternatives to Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Learn how to make basic adjustments in Photoshop and Illustrator and export your graphics.
  • By using an online subscription service we will learn about sourcing graphics and the licences available to you. We will also take a look at a few different platforms and review their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Before lunch we will use Adobe Illustrator to make adjustments to our graphics.
  • The rest of the day is about sound. Just as with graphics, we will learn about subscription platforms for music and sfx.
  • Learn about basic audio editing functions in Adobe Audition (audio editing software) and get advice on recording voice overs and achieving optimum audio mixing levels for your video.
  • Before retiring for the day we will review our options for our final video. Each student will choose one of several video types to complete post production on.

Day 2: Post Production

  • With our final projects selected, students will open and review the folders related to their video.
  • Create an industry friendly folder structure and sort all of your assets.
  • We will learn about proxy files and then open a new project file for our video.
  • This is when you will learn about the interface and controls of Premiere (editing software).
  • Before lunch we will explore the interface and controls of After Effects (industry leading VFX software).
  • With supervision and advice, the teacher will help you edit your video.
  • Once you have achieved picture lock, we will learn about colouring and LUTs.
  • Finally we learn about rendering options and prepare to deliver our final videos.
  • After submission, students are encouraged to enjoy drinks and canapes in celebration of a job well done.
  • Graduates will receive their certificates.


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Course Curriculum

Induction / Welcome Details 00:30:00
Video Asset Management
Folder Structure Details 00:00:00
Setting Up a Project for Editing: Premiere Details 00:00:00
DAMs Details 00:00:00
Video Asset Management – MOD0007 quiz 00:05:00
Sourcing Graphic Assets
Subscription Services Details 00:00:00
Licenses: Types and Usage Details 00:00:00
Sourcing Graphic Assets – MOD0021 quiz 00:05:00
Lunch Break
Quick Cutting: Editing Basics
UI (User Interface) Details 00:00:00
Tools Details 00:00:00
In and Out Points Details 00:00:00
Tracks: Patching and Targeting Details 00:00:00
Adding Footage to the Sequence Details 00:00:00
Keyframes Details 00:00:00
J & L Cuts Details 00:00:00
Using Markers Details 00:00:00
Telling a Story with Editing Details 00:00:00
Quick Cutting: Editing Basics – MOD0012 quiz 00:05:00
Compile Your Project Details 00:00:00
Colouring and LUTs
Colouring & LUTs – MOD0008 quiz 00:05:00
Colour Correction Details 00:00:00
Metering Details 00:00:00
Lumetri Details 00:00:00
LUTs and Grading Details 00:00:00
Rendering Video
Render vs RAM Previews Details 00:00:00
File Formats Details 00:00:00
Hardware Processing Details 00:00:00
Deferring to Media Encoder Details 00:00:00
Rendering for Upload Details 00:00:00
Export Settings Details 00:00:00
Rendering Video – MOD0009 quiz 00:05:00

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  • 4 hours
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