This is an entry level fundamentals workshop in to video production for those that are starting out. This simple course will equip you with the most basic knowledge required to understand the production process and prepare you to begin filming.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn basic camera essentials you’ll need on set
  • The importance of pre-production
  • How to utilise camera accessories
  • Video editing workflow tips from the professionals
  • About key documents used to run a production
  • Get up to speed with video & film production fundamentals

If you’re keen and ready to start learning the basic fundamentals of video production and creating your OWN videos.


Who this course is for:
  • YouTubers, Social Influencers, Marketing Employees, Vloggers, Business Owners, Bloggers, Online Content Creators, and High School Students.
  • Complete novices eager to take a course but aren’t sure if the investment is worthwhile yet.
  • An individual wanting to understand the absolute fundamentals and basics of the video production process.
  • Anyone wanting a bridging course between knowing absolutely nothing before starting one of our courses.


We will learn about the various videos you can create with the courses on offer at Learn To Film, the basic equipment setups and procedures used to capture and edit videos, workflows and advice from successful editors and more.

We won’t learn the intricacies of every element of production, but this workshop will give you an indication of whether you would want to learn more at Learn To Film. And if not, this is a great starting point for any beginner looking to learn a little more about video production.


Course Curriculum

Course Introduction
What you should expect to learn 00:02:00
The different types of video content & how they're used - MOD0070
Types of Videos you could be creating 00:03:00
Video Meta Data & Video Title/Name Importance 00:08:00
Video Types & Video Meta-data 00:05:00
Learn About Equipment and/or Utilize What You Already Own - MOD0071
Understanding Camera Fundamentals 00:05:00
Data Storage 00:03:00
Tripods, Gimbals & Base Plates 00:04:00
Lens Fundamentals 00:05:00
Audio for Video 00:04:00
Make What You Already Own Work For You (Tripods, Lighting & Sound) 00:06:00
Learn about Equipment and/or Utilize What You Already Own 00:05:00
Understand the Basics of Video & Film Production - MOD0072
Pre-Production – Preparation & Planning 00:02:00
Writing A Script & Storyboarding 00:03:00
Schedule The shoot 00:02:00
Production – Shoot Day & Post Production (Editing) 00:03:00
Understand the Basics of Video & Film Production 00:05:00
Preparation & Pre-Production - MOD0073
Prepping and Understanding a Script 00:02:00
Storyboards, Shots list & Programming Guides 00:04:00
Preparation & Pre-Production 00:05:00
Organising/Producing Your Shoot - MOD0074
Call Sheets & Planning Software 00:05:00
Equipment Check & Site Prep 00:05:00
Directing & Leading a Video Production Crew 00:06:00
Organising/Producing Your Shoot 00:05:00
Post Production/Video Editing - MOD0075
Project Setup 00:02:00
Premiere Setup 00:05:00
Ingesting Footage 00:01:00
Workspaces & Tools Pt 1 00:03:00
Workspaces & Tools Pt 2 00:03:00
Workspaces & Tools Pt 3 00:04:00
Workspaces & Tools Pt 4 00:04:00
Music & Exporting 00:03:00
Post Production/Video Editing 00:05:00
Storytelling through video editing - MOD0076
Storytelling 00:04:00
Final Touches 00:04:00
Storytelling (through editing) 00:05:00
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