A Franchise System that’s

‘Franchisee First’ Conscious!

Complete turnkey add-on to your existing business.

WE provide the students
YOU teach them
WE provide the learning platform (LMS)
YOU use your pre-owned equipment
WE provide all learning modules and course instructions
YOU increase revenue!

Expressions of Interest

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    New Revenue Stream

    Plug and play our Learn To Film franchise right into your existing business and add another revenue stream.

    We Sell For You

    We look after all the sales and leads from students, you just teach the courses & we’ll handle all the admin.

    Ongoing Support

    Get access and support through our online instructor educational content delivered through tutorial videos.

    No Additional Setup Costs

    Once you’ve paid your franchise fee, there are no further commitments or costs required.

    Local Area Marketing

    Enjoy effortless marketing as we do it all for you, again, all you need to do is teach & run the courses in your region.


    An industry first, ‘Bolt on’ Learn To Film into your already thriving production company.

    We provide you the students & the course curriculum. You provide the experience & camera gear.

    Using our courses & modules, you’ll be able to teach students the art of filmmaking, upskill your own staff and all whilst increasing your revenue stream on days that your current business has no booked productions.

    It’s a no brainer right!

    The bolt on product you’ve been looking for to add that extra revenue stream and make the most of your skills whilst educating and inspiring others.

    A complete turn key solution ready to go, ready to be added into your production business today!


    Expressions of Interest

    Understanding franchising

    Franchising allows you to operate a business for a defined period under an existing brand or system.
    The Franchising Code of Conduct provides you with certain rights and responsibilities when dealing with a franchisor.

    Disclosure requirements

    If you’re interested in acquiring a franchise, Learn to Film has to give you a two-page information statement highlighting some of the key risks and rewards of franchising with us. If you decide to proceed with us, we must also provide you with a disclosure document, the executable copy of the franchise agreement and a copy of the Code at least 14 days before you enter into an agreement or make a non-refundable payment.

    The disclosure document will contain a lot of important information, including:
    – Operating costs and fees you’ll have to pay
    – Contact details of current and former franchisees
    – Whether you have an exclusive territory
    – End of term arrangements.

    The franchise agreement is your contract with Learn to Film and sets out your rights and obligations as a franchisee. It’s important that you read the documents provided to you by Learn to Film and seek independent legal, accounting and business advice (from professionals with expertise in the franchising space).

    Franchising is a business, and like all businesses, there’s no guarantee of success. Make sure you’ve done your due diligence before making a decision about a franchise opportunity.



    Here’s a list of what you should expect to receive:
    – An information statement
    – A disclosure document
    – The franchise agreement
    – A copy of the Code.


    Cooling-off period

    Under the Code, a new franchise agreement can be terminated within seven days of:
    – Entering into the agreement (or an agreement to enter into the agreement), or
    – Making any payment under the agreement.

    If you terminate during the cooling-off period, you’re entitled to a refund of all your payments, less any reasonable expenses incurred by the franchisor (these must be set out in the franchise agreement). The franchisor must provide your refund within 14 days. This right to terminate does not apply to the transfer, renewal or extension of an existing franchise agreement.


    End of agreements

    The Code sets out procedures where:
    – An agreement reaches the end of its term
    – A franchisee seeks to extend their agreement
    – A franchisee proposes to transfer (sell) their agreement to another party
    – The franchisor proposes to terminate an agreement.


    Download the details ‘What you need to know’ kit HERE


    For more information visit: 


    The 14 steps to becoming a Franchisee

    Understanding the process is key to a successful venture. Lets get you familiar with how it all works!

    1. Submit an Expression of Interest form

    2. Receive an email response with an Application Form

    3. Submit your both your application and fully refundable deposit

    4. Fill in a Confidentiality Agreement and a Deed of Undertaking and acknowledgement

    5. Lock in a scheduled phone interview

    6. Receive a Franchise Kit with our Disclosure Document and Franchise Agreement

    7. Lock in a scheduled face to face interview

    8. We will then commence the mandatory assessment process of your business to ensure you’re a suitable fit for Learn to Film, have the knowledge, facilities and or equipment necessary to successfully run Learn to Film courses.

    9. Receive current information about sales figures, financial planning and an operational guide/questionnaire

    10. Participate in an experiential day on site at Learn to Film head office.

    11. We will contact your listed references

    12. Receive a Company Kit which will onboard you on how to get started

    13. Lock in and schedule a panel review to complete your application

    14. Commence your training

    Why Franchise?

    We’re a simple bolt on solution that will introduce a new revenue stream for your business.

    Learn to Film is a curve ball you will need to drive your business through its current glass ceiling. Being committed to serve and grow the film industry are our two core notions that help define who we are and what we do and is exactly why we’re successful.

    Our franchisee partners and prospects can all agree that this is the bridging gap that gives an opportunity for everyone to win, the franchisor, the franchisee, our students and our industry.


    1. It’s a growing sector

    With over 1,160 business format franchisors in Australia a potential franchisee has so many options.

    2. You’re buying a proven formula

    When you buy into a franchise, you buy a proven system with a way of doing business. The franchisor has already worked out the pitfalls, and created a solid foundation that can easily be rolled out. Everything from marketing, products, to site selection, and vendors are approved and ready for you to get started. Eliminating any guess work or potential errors you might otherwise face.

    3. There’s built in support

    A franchise brings you the support of the franchisor. This built in support system means you’re always able to pick up the phone and get the help you need. Franchisors often look after branding, vendors, advertising and marketing, and bring the buying power of an established network. With many franchise systems you not only get the backing of the franchise head office, but you can also establish relationships with other franchisees.

    4. Brand power

    What could be better than starting a business with a brand that customers already recognise, trust and love? In the consumer’s mind brand often equates to reputation. So joining a reputable franchise that has already established a strong corporate image means you’re starting with a customer base that’s already familiar with your business, and benefiting from the knowledge and experience of a successful brand.

    5. You can still be your own boss

    Being a franchisee is different to starting your own company, or purchasing an existing small business – but that doesn’t mean you don’t call the shots. You manage the schedule, and you run the show – but just understand that there is a pecking order. If you follow the formula and systems of the franchise, your odds of success increase.

    6. A great benefit of joining an established brand is the training program

    You’ll be fully inducted, learning everything from the key policies, and budgeting, to on-the-job training, such as how to make the perfect coffee in your café. This preparation helps set you up for success, and ensures you’re running your business efficiently – avoiding the mistakes many new business owners face.

    7. You get a head start

    Having a strong name attached to your products and services will help you get your business off the ground. Using a tried and tested formula means you can focus on building your business, giving you a head start. While your franchise is your responsibility, most franchisors are committed to seeing you succeed, and will offer advice where needed – including ways to improve sales, and cut costs.

    8. Minimised risk

    Having a wealth of experience behind you significantly increases your chances of success. With a franchise what you’re really investing in is the proven concept and security of being part of a network. While there’s never a guarantee of success, having the backing of an experienced brand with a proven system can create something of a shortcut to establishing a prosperous business.

    9. You can choose the courses that suit you

    With so many different courses to choose from, you’ll be able to franchise the courses you’re most comfortable in teaching only. Whether you want to work only Monday to Friday and improve you work-life balance or want to follow your passion – you can choose the courses and course durations that accommodate your needs.

    10. You’re not alone

    Starting a business can be intimidating. But with a franchise you don’t have to do it alone. The best franchisors are just a call away, and many have local managers on hand to give advice. Being able to tap into the knowledge of other franchisees can also be invaluable as you set out on your business journey. Because your success is also the success of the franchise, you’re surrounded by a support system from the moment you start.


    source: seek business top 10 reasons to buy a franchise

    What's involved?

    Here’s some frequently asked questions we’ve run into which will help iron out all your queries.

    How much does it cost to purchase a Learn To Film franchise?

    When purchasing a Learn To Film franchise, you will be prompted for an initial investment of $2,200 +gst when your application is approved.

    A general guide to the cost of a Learn To Film Franchise is dependent on an assessment of your industry expertise and which courses you will be eligible to run from our 20+ course list.

    Franchisee purchase costs are dependent on the region, territory and area of coverage which start from $144,000 +gst.

    The benefit of already being a production company yourself will mean no additional costs to equipment as you should utilise your pre-owned gear as long as it qualifies and is approved by the Learn To Film administration.

    A one time training fee of $14,000 +gst is applicable to all franchisees for a one time training session.

    Can I purchase an existing Learn To Film school that is for sale?

    Learn To Film will only be taking expressions of interest as all Learn To Film schools nationally will be company owned and ran by Learn To Film employees.

    You may place an expression of interest for any of our locations to commence the assessment qualification process.

    What does the assessment or qualification process involve?

    To qualify for a Learn To Film franchise, an assessment will be carried out upon the individual or the business it will be attached to, to ensure that the students will be taught by industry leaders that are capable of facilitating our courses with a advanced understanding of industry knowledge.

    Not confusing that with needing to memorise industry standards or processes. As the Learn To Film franchise has created all course content to be easy and simple to follow for those who already or partly understand industry terminology.

    We’ve simplified the process by creating a simple curriculum to follow to ensure every course runs exactly the same and ensure our students all receive the same level of understanding on course completion.

    The assessment process is merely to ensure that you are fit and knowledgable enough to execute these modules and courses that already pack all the information required for the student to learn, you just need to know and understand what the content in the course actually is before being the expert that teaches it.

    Will I be able to fund a portion of the business through a business loan?

    Whilst the Learn To Film administration can temporarily fund a franchisee, for the first 30 days, it is the obligation of the franchisee to find an avenue for the full payment after 30 days.

    Is there a required amount of working capital needed?

    Our franchise system has been developed to be affordable with a high return on investment as fit out costs, equipment costs and all other typically franchisee costs are abolished due to the Learn To Film franchise being a bolt on business model to your already thriving production company.

    The Learn To Film franchise has been priced to be no more than a high end camera in todays market, with all the sales and return coming from the Learn To Film franchisor through web sales on the Learn To Film e-commerce platform which will then be distributed to the local area franchisee. There is a set expense cost per course, which includes meals, props and potential travel for students. This will be revealed upon your application approval.

    We expect you to already own a vast array of equipment to be utilised when teaching students dependant on the courses you have licensed to franchise from Learn To Film.

    How long will the entire process take?

    Although every application process may differ, typically we see franchisees reach the final assessment stage within 9 to 12 weeks of applying.

    Will I need previous experience in the education industry?

    It is highly recommended but not a pre-requisite as full training will be provided by the Learn To Film administration.

    Our training covers course facilitation to ensure you can host a class with ease. The Learn To Film courses and modules have been developed and structured in a way to be simply executed once a course instructor has been trained by the Learn To Film administration.

    Our franchise model is completely based on it’s simplicity of course educator execution. The magic is in our modules.

    Will I need to hire qualified teachers to deliver the courses?

    Although you will be able to deliver the courses yourself, once you’ve undergone our training process, you will not need to hire a qualified teacher to deliver the courses.

    Where will I get training and how long will it take?

    All Learn To Film franchisee course instructor training will be done in Sydney, New South Wales for a duration of three days.

    The training fee of $14,000 +gst excludes all expenses. However, lunch will be provided throughout the training session over the three days.

    As a franchise partner, am I required to work full-time?

    A course calendar for the entire year is always set twelve months ahead of time.

    Annual course allocations are negotiated between the franchisor and the franchisee to ensure that the franchisee is committed to running the courses for those specific dates agreed upon.

    Once those dates have been locked in, they cannot be cancelled as students will be sold course allocations for those dates and penalties apply where the franchisor is required to refund students for course cancellations due to franchisee cancelling.

    Are there options to own more than one Learn To Film franchise?

    Yes, you may buy multiple territories and as many as you like nationwide.

    What type of ongoing support can I expect from Learn To Film?

    After your initial training, you will receive ongoing support through both phone and email between business hours, you’ll also have access to an assigned area manager providing a more one-on-one support network for course setup or student questions you may not have the answer to. General customer support is also provided for student related issues including course & module updates.

    In addition, Learn To Film will provide ongoing access to online instructor educational content and will release new online educational content through tutorial videos on a regular basis.

    Will I be able to sell my franchise in the future?

    Yes, you will be able to sell your franchise at any time.

    Learn To Film can assist in directing you to the right contacts although cannot assist with the sale of your franchise and you will need to seek independent advice when doing so.

    Do I need to be an Australian citizen or hold an Australian permanent Residency to apply?


    Will I get a refund for my initial deposit?

    Yes, you will be eligible for a refund at any stage of your application process if the franchise model is not suitable for you and if you do not pass all preliminary assessments.

    If you are approved as a Learn To Film franchisee, your deposit will be assigned to legal costs accompanied with the franchise setup.

    Can I use cash or equity to put towards the purchase of a franchise?

    Your franchise must be paid in full before it is handed over to you. How you pay for it is entirely up to you, your bank or your broker can assess if you can use equity to make the full payment to Learn To Film.

    What can return on investment can I expect running a Learn To Film franchise?

    Whilst a guaranteed ROI cannot be provided by any business on any product, we can demonstrate how other regions profit from Learn To Film.

    This is all included during the non-disclosure and assessment peri0d.

    What are the requirements to own a territory?

    You must go through the standard franchise purchase steps as detailed on this page to be able to own a mapped territory.

    We will only provide students into your courses if they have selected your territory as the region of choice for their course to be run from.

    Will I be able to suggest my own location?

    Yes, however, in order to be approved as location/territory Learn To Film administration must first conduct a feasibility analysis to determine if the suggestion location/territory is going to be commercially viable for the region you choose, we will do a regional analysis to ensure your investment will be a viable choice.

    We will never sell a franchise into a region where the franchisee cannot host enough students to make a profit.

    How will training be conducted?

    As part of your initial purchase, you will receive in-depth training on how to implement, run and host your courses successfully. You will never be short of training. The magic is in our modules.

    Every course and module comes with an extraordinary level of information to support your instructors in running our courses.

    Additionally, on a periodical basis, Learn To Film will publish new video content to keep all franchisee’s up to speed with new training.

    Is there a franchisee selection criteria available?

    No, a criteria as such is not publicly available.

    The criteria is based on a number of variables that are assessed during the franchisee recruitment process.

    The prices for existing Learn To Film franchises are different to new Learn To Film franchise prices, why?

    Prices are set and determined by a variable amount of factors, namely, the financial performance, time left on lease, etc.

    Negotiations can be formalised to arrange a potential difference on the settlement on price, however, you will need to contact the franchisee owner directly after you have completed a telephone interview and have signed a confidentiality agreement.

    New site prices have their own variables and facets which affect the price, which is the reason why we typically offer a range for the price initially until we are able to provide you with a final fixed price on contract. — this range covers etc.

    Conclusively, if a company territory is on sale, the sale price is set by the franchisor.

    What other costs will be involved when & if I become approved?


    Our franchise model is rare and unlike most.

    No fit-out costs, no setup.

    You’re able to utilise your existing office space, your existing camera equipment. All these will be determined during the franchisor assessment period.

    Unless in special circumstances where a production company/franchisee may not have all the equipment due to being out of industry, retired etc. but still have the knowledge to own and run a franchise, then there will be operational and equipment costs as there is a mandatory list of equipments you must own to run a Learn To Film franchise.

    How long is the Learn To Film Franchise Agreement?

    5 Years

    What will happen when my owned franchise agreement period is nearing the end date?

    The franchisee has the right to renew if approved by the franchisor.

    A new franchise fee will apply to repurchase the franchise for an additional duration. In most cases a discount applies to renewing franchisees.

    How much will it cost me?

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