Transfer your confidence in your professional life to a powerful and charismatic presence on screen with ongoing media training.

Who is this course for?

  • CEO’s & Executives
  • Media & Public Relations Personnel
  • Crisis Management Team
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Brand Ambassadors
  • Anyone who’s camera shy

What you’ll learn

  • Speak & present comfortably on camera
  • Public speaking and interview speaking techniques
  • Appropriate presentation for different situations
  • Performance and warm up techniques


Are you not so comfortable on camera, yet you are an important figure in your company and must be in front of the camera from time to time? You present well to your peers but shy away when comes the time to present to camera.

In this unique one-on-one training you gain performance techniques to better perform for the camera in a natural, confident and professional way. This is not about becoming a professional host or presenter, but rather about how you can take the confidence you display in your everyday life and transfer it to your camera presence. 

We’ve worked with some of the most senior executive leaders in Australia in continue to improve on speech and appearance delivery.

We will work closely with you in a private set environment to identify and analyse your presence on camera, your strong and weak point to determine and improve elements in your performance.


How your training will be implemented over 3 months


Week 1 – Day 1: (4hrs) Delivery Assessment & Filming

  • We start by filming you in an interview, just you and the camera. We identify and analyse the performance, noting elements that could use improvement.
  • After this we will run through some advice and exercises to help warm up to the camera.
  • Finally we look at which lighting scenarios, angles and lenses that are best for you.

Week 2 – Day 2: (4hrs) Public Speaking

  • Now we will be delivering a speech in one of three scenarios. All will involve performing before multiple people.
  • After recording we will discuss ‘whom you desire to be and how you wish to appear’.
  • We will then deliver a critique of the first session and comment on any differences between then and now.
  • Finally we will offer some take-home exercises for you to use until our next session.

Week 3 – Day 3: (4hrs) Crisis Management Training

  • It’s time to tackle a difficult scenario of our creation.
  • We will prep you on appropriate ways of presenting during a crisis.
  • We will learn how to apply resilience and perseverance to your presentation during hard times.
  • After recording your speech, we will go through some exercises to improve some elements of your performance.

Week 4 – Day 4: (4hrs) Review, Video Podcast and Rollout

  • Together we will review our previous three performances.
  • We will deliver our notes on what improvements have been made and what we need to work on next.
  • We will conduct an interview, this time in a video podcast studio with a full production crew.
  • Now we can plan our following sessions with lessons tailored specifically to you.



With 2x 4 hour workshops and 2x 1 hour sessions via Zoom, we will execute the tailored lessons we have planned. As you improve we will continue to tailor our sessions.


Week 1 – Day 1: (4hrs) Practice Makes Perfect

  • Based on what needs improvement we will study a previous performance.
  • After some analysis and pointers, we will record a new video of the same type.
  • After a successful run-through we will review and analyse the performance in real-time.
  • With more attention to detail, we will make notes and record once more.

Week 2 – Day 2: (1hr) Zoom Session – Training implement & Review

  • We capture a zoom session as you normally would.
  • We will identify elements of your setup that need improving.
  • You will be trained on framing, set-dressing and lighting for online meetings.
  • We record another meeting and compare the two calls. 

Week 3 – Day 3: (4hrs) Under Pressure Performance Testing

  • You are going live with multiple people in the studio and online.
  • We will brief and coach you before the shoot. The camera is rolling!
  • By analysing the video we will work on possible improvements.

Week 4 – Day 4: (1hr) Zoom Session – Lighting and Physical Delivery

  • After our training we will see how you have implemented your knowledge.
  • After a recording we will again analyse your setup and make comments.
  • Now we focus on your performance, working on body language and tone.



We will do the same as month 2, where we work with you through a combination of in-person and online workshops. We will also be delivering to you a video of all your sessions together, along with our final notes and advice.


Week 1 – Day 1: (4hrs) Refresh & Perfect

  • We deliver our notes on what needs more improvement.
  • We will record a video to camera.
  • We will record an interview.
  • We will record a podcast.

Week 2 – Day 2: (1hr) Zoom Session – Test with others and we’ll analyse

  • It is time for final pointers before making a call.
  • We will witness a call with a person unknown to you.
  • We will give you feedback and advice.

Week 3 – Day 3: (4hrs) Onsite production to determine real life delivery

  • We are shooting on your turf today, in your office, around your staff.
  • By bringing your experience into a familiar environment, we will see how those skills tranfer.
  • Before we record, you will get a brief as to what you’ll be saying.
  • After recording we will workshop elements that can improve.

Week 4 – Day 4: (1hr) Zoom Session – Ongoing follow-up

  • In this call we will record a final meeting.
  • We will recap the entire course along with our comments on your journey.
  • You will receive every video we have recorded to chronicle your journey.
  • With parting advice we wish you the best with your media presentations.


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Course Curriculum

Week 1
Baseline Recording 01:30:00
Initial Analysis 01:00:00
Confidence on Camera – MOD0080 01:30:00
Week 2
Public Speech 02:00:00
How Do You Wish to Appear? 01:00:00
Critique, Comparison & Advice 01:00:00
Week 3
Crisis Briefing 01:00:00
Crisis Address 02:00:00
Crisis Addressing Critique 01:00:00
Week 4
Month 1 Review 01:00:00
Video Podcast Recording 02:00:00
Plan Rollout 01:00:00
Week 5
Practice Makes Perfect 04:00:00
Week 6
Baseline Zoom Recording 00:20:00
Conducting Online Meetings – MOD0081 00:40:00
Zoom Call Comparison 00:20:00
Week 7
Pressure Test Briefing 00:30:00
Under Pressure Testing 02:30:00
Pressure Analysis 01:00:00
Week 8
Zoom Lighting & Delivery 01:00:00
Week 9
Refresh & Perfect 01:00:00
Baseline Comparison Videos 03:00:00
Week 10
Zoom Test 00:20:00
Zoom Analysis & Advice 00:40:00
Week 11
Your Office Video 01:00:00
Action! 02:00:00
Final Notes 01:00:00
Week 12
A Parting Zoom Call 01:00:00

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